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Established in 2002 as a consulting firm, FlexSci Ltd. has focused its major business on the Civil Industry, Defense, Finance and Education through advanced technologies, products and solutions. Its top-notch products include Simulation Software and measurement System. With an experienced network of more than 20 engineers, FlexSci is one of the leading independent engineering consultancies and simulating products providers.

FlexSci is a global network of offices and practices led by our partnership group. With subsidiaries in Hong Kong and our headquarters in Beijing/China, we support the customers using computer-based techniques to predict and optimise performance. We are a corporation tied to take a long-term perspective on issues like sustainable development and customer service.

FlexSci has a team of dedicated professionals with many years' experience in product development and project management. With solid financing, strong expertise, and a reputation that puts customer first and respects the highest standards in ethics, FlexSci promises and delivers to its customers the best solutions and products, along with the best services.

We are headquartered in Beijing, China. 

A Convergence of Three Key Knowledge Domain
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