Virtual Terrain Generation

The fast development of 3D computer graphics has resulted in an increasing number of new application fields for virtual reality systems. In the past, systems like these were restricted to special applications. Today, however, they are also used in every day life. Fields of application are the attractive editing of information for customer presentations as well as terrain modellingand pilot training in the flight simulator.

We offer you data generation in the field of 3D computer graphics from one source. You may rely on our long-time experience from many high-performance projects in the field of digital graphics. This experience and our orientation towards the latest technology are the basis for successful cooperation.

We are offering the generation of complex photorealistic terrain data, optimized for realtime rendering. In the flight simulator, such a reproduction of the real surroundings does not only offer a nice view to the pilots, but contributes to their orientation in action, later on. In simulator training only landscapes of high visual quality permit the most precise assessment of height, which is an important precondition for landings and special military exercises like low-level flights. 

Our offer is not only restricted to landscapes for flight simulators but also includes a wide range of possible applications, such as tourism/travel planning, block system planning, transmissions of sports (cycle/ralley), television (weather forecast), entertainment/ computer games, or planning and performance of militarymissions.

Application range (Extract):

Automotive vehicles Tracked vehicles Robotics
Machine tools Windturbine Printing machines
Ground dynamics of areoplanes Dynamics of spacecraft Windturbine