FlexSci's Portfolio Services Overview

The applied calculation methods consist of efficient procedures for the numerical solution of the equations of motion and to all kinds of stability and flow problems. These procedures include abstraction of the mathematical model of the system, discretization of the structure of the system to be analyzed, first into numerically describable elements which are connected to each other through nodal points or surfaces. Subsequently, the conservation equations are solved using high-end computers. Finally, the simulation result will be visualized with numerical technology.

The benefits of simulation and visualization technology to industry are shorter developmental periods and a reduced number of expensive prototypes, thus resulting in shorter 'time to production' and a faster implementation of new ideas into the product.

Close cooperation with the development and test departments of our customers is essential for a successful project. We support our customers throughout the entire development lifecycle - from the initial design to product maturity.

Services Portfolio:

Creation of calculation models

Performing simulations

Consulting during the evaluation of the results

Component and structure optimization

System performance analysis and virtual simulation

Supporting the design of development processes

Development and distribution of simulation related software