Software and Engineering Services

FlexSci Professional Services Organization is comprised of personnel with a diverse breadth of education, skills, training, and experience. Our staffs are experts in numerical simulation. Our experience covers a variety of projects: from initial development of new systems to the incremental enhancement and maintenance of large existing systems.

Scientific Computing / Modeling
Consulting on all aspects of parallel computing, including software development, parallel computing architecture design, cluster management, parallel file systems, and high-speed networks. Specific areas of expertise include parallel algorithm development, advanced software profiling and debugging tools, message passing (MPI) and shared memory (OpenMP) based parallel computing, performance tuning, scientific programming, and Linux based cluster management. A course on high-performance computing is also offered. Past projects have included:

  • 1. Assisted development of scalable parallel algorithms in CAE
  • 2. Performance evaluation of competing hardware and software technologies for high-performance computing applications
  • 3. Performance improvements through the development of detailed performance models
Computer Software Engineer
FlexSci Computer Software Engineers have extensive knowledge of software design and development. Our Computer Software Engineers are qualified to provide state-of-the-art, real-time automation and simulation software design and development and are also qualified to perform verification and validation of developer software designs. They have experience with leading edge software development tools and technologies as well as mastering many legacy and most recent development languages.

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