Simulation & Training

Technical companies that are required to train employees on dangerous or expensive equipment are most likely to benefit from simulation-based training. Simulations allow the user to observe the impact of their choices without the outcomes having any impact on the real operation. Trainees can learn how to respond to emergencies, how individual actions and decisions effect entire processes, and how to operate complex pieces of equipment.

System operators and engineers must have instant access to online information and analysis tools that allow them to predict an outcome before system actions are taken. The ability to simulate the sequence-of-operation using real-time data is of fundamental importance. Real-time simulation can avoid inadvertent plant outages caused by human error, equipment overload, etc.

Real-time simulation provides an environment that is effective for operator training and assistance. Compared to traditional training methods, operator training is accelerated using dynamic graphical simulation of the power system. This makes training an ongoing process.

With real-time simulation, not only can you perform analysis using real-time system parameters, you can also simulate 'what if' scenarios simply by taking action using the online system model. For example, using real-time data, the engineers can simulate the impact of starting a large motor without actually starting the motor. With minimal training, system operators can learn to use this valuable tool.

FlexSci's success in simulation is largely as a result of concentrating on the markets it knows best, in particular the road vehicle domain and by addressing markets which use similar simulation technologies and concept of operations. By steadily evolving its simulation technology, FlexSci is able to produce cost effective and highly robust applications across the road vehicle domain, without introducing the program and cost risks associated with the development of widely ambitious and non related simulation products.

FlexSci offers simulation and training products in the following areas:

Driver Training, especial for armed vehicle.
Heavy machine operation Training
Flight Training
Unmaned Vehicle Simulation