Structural Analysis with FE

The integration of component stress analysis into overall structural design is a common feature of many of FlexSci Engineering's projects. Component and sub-system stress analyses include detailed consideration of material nonlinearity, contact, and dynamic response using finite element programs such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, and NASTRAN. FlexSci's engineers use these tools to characterize structural problems, assess loading regimes and structural response, and to develop remedial or mitigating actions to improve system performance. When necessary, we have customized analytical tools by adding specific material models or tailoring loading routines for more realistic numerical representation of physical problems. In addition to the extensive use of finite element analysis tools, our engineers have considerable experience in the interpretation and application of results in conjunction with design codes of practice.

The model simulation results in (vibrating) movements and (inertial) forces. This data is required for example for the strength evaluation through the FE-analysis or for further optimizing the system components and their interactions.

Areas of Expertise:

Stess / Structural Analysis
  • Nonlinear
  • Geometric (large strain, large deflection, etc.)
  • Material (creep, plasticity, hyperelasticity, viscoplasticity, mixed U-P formulation, etc.)
  • Frictional contact (static and dynamic)
Advanced Meshing
  • HyperMesh
  • Ansys
Linear Dynamic
  • Transient
  • Modal
  • Harmonic response
  • Response spectrum
  • Random vibration
Non-linear contact
Fatigue, Fracture and Durability

Industrial Specific Consulting:


  • Pre-stressed PSD Random Vibration of electronics PCB assembly
  • Fuel coupling piping fatigue analysis

Industrial Products

  • Dynamic snap-load lifting mechanism connector for submarine
  • Composite analysis of large FRP liners for exhaust gas


  • Drop test of cell phone in multiple orientations
  • Semiconductor wafer wet cleaning processes,
  • Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) of Inkjet Head. 3-Physics: piezoelectric, stress, fluids


  • Structural analysis for mass storage retrieval, complex plastic assembly of gears, extensive frictional contact
  • Dynamic frictional compression analysis of copier rollers, large number of metal and plastic parts in contact
  • FSI for a cardiac angioplasty device with non-linear structural materials
  • Insertion force vs. fatigue life analysis for Pyrolytic carbon mechanical heart valve device
  • Building wind loads under hurricane-strength winds from CFD analysis
  • Structural model of large underground Nuclear waste tanks with rebar-reinforced concrete and nonlinear frictional soil model. With custom GUI. Rebar-reinforced utilizing Drucker-Prager material models
  • Crash test of nuclear waste containers falling from moving rail car
  • Plutonium & Uranium waste sludge extraction device structural analysis: remote attach assembly mechanism for slip fit
  • Squeeze fit analysis for soft gasket contact
  • Key lock cylinder frictional contact fatigue study