CAE Solutions Overview

KARALIT has pioneered a breakthrough called Direct CFD, where CAD models go directly to CFD without time-consuming meshing or tedious manual set-up. The simple process streamlines CAD-to-CFD for experts and non-specialists alike.

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Air pollution has become a severe concern in the major cities in China. Greenhouse gas (GHG) and fuel economy will be the key focus in engine and vehicle technology development in the future, while the very stringent emission regulations must still be met without compromise.

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Multibody dynamics describes the physics of motion of an assembly of constrained or restrained bodies. As such it encompasses the behaviour of nearly every living or inanimate object in the universe.

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CFD is the computer-based flow simulation, in which the equations of fluid dynamics consisting of partial differential equations are solved numerically. This area of application includes multi-dimensional flow calculations and thermal calculations.

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Component and sub-system stress analyses include detailed consideration of material nonlinearity, contact, and dynamic response using finite element programs such as ABAQUS, ANSYS, LS-DYNA, and NASTRAN.

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