FlexSci Defence Solutions developed the VDyna™ for PAP's interactive training system project. It is a simulation framework for simulating of  wheeled armored vehicles in real time for Operator Training, Mission Planing and Virtual Testing. 

VDyna™ is an engineering simulation based on a dynamic vehicle model. Aspects of the model include:

  • Limited dynamic degrees of freedom
  • 3D rigid-body dynamics for chassis and suspension components
  • Tire model based on actual tire data for the car being modeled
  • Unlimited flexibility, the model can be modified to include new model elements for the various functional aspects of the system and new functional aspects (hybrid powertrains, complex aerodynamics, etc.) can be simply integrated into the model 
  • Fully parameterized with actual racecar engineering variables in real engineering units (suspension geometry, setup, aerodynamics, powertrain, etc.)
  • Fast, robust solution
Vehicle model in VDyna™ was augmented with a real-time interface that allowed analog control inputs (via a force-feedback steering wheel) and graphical outputs (using an OpenGL based renderer).  Features include:
  • OpenGL rendering with various GLSL shaders
  • Per-pixel lighting, decal blending and environmental mapping of vehicle surfaces 
  • Vehicle element positioning (tires, uprights, etc.) based on the physical model states, no pre-defined animations
  • Dynamic steering-wheel mounted dash display
  • OpenAL driven sound engine with sampled engine sounds

VDyna™ includes a complete environment modeling and track editing suite for building complex virtual proving ground.  The environment modeling suit allows the generation of a base terrain and the definition of a road-course over the the terrain or the creation of a course without using a base terrain.  Physical aspects and texture mapping of the course can be easily edited, these changes can be explored in the simulator with two mouse clicks.

Data Analysis

The data from each run in the simulation is recorded and can be exported to a .csv file for analysis.  Additionally, a data analysis suite is included in VDyna™.  The data analyzer generates a recorded view based on data from the each simulation and plots several diagrams based on the data from the simulation run (GG, RPM and torque traces, etc.).  Analyzer results can be saved and loaded for comparison between simulation runs.