axisuite is modular software for the simulation of exhaust aftertreatment devices and systems. axisuite uses as input the exhaust gas composition, flow rate and temperature, and the properties of the exhaust devices, and models heat transfer, mass transfer, and pollutant abatement (filtration and chemical reactions).


  • Simulation for all types of automotive exhaust systems.
  • Models validated through extensive research experience.
  • Sophisticated 3D models of heat, mass transfer and chemical reactions.
  • Fast computation time.
  • User-friendly interface.


Typical modules:

  • axitrap : module for simulation of wall-flow particulate filters. Supports uncoated filters with or without fuel-borne catalyst, or coated filters with any type of catalytic coating.
  • axicat: module for simulation of flow-through catalytic converters with any kind of catalytic coating (DOC, TWC, SCR, LNT etc.) and a broad range of catalyst configurations (extruded, single-layer washcoat, dual-layer washcoat, zone-coated etc.)
  • axifoam: module for simulation of foam-based or fiber-based filters and catalysts, with any type of catalytic coating and a broad range of filter geometries.
  • axiheat: module for simulation of connecting pipes. Models heat losses, fluid injection and evaporation, injection of gaseous mixtures, wall film modeling and chemical reactions in a broad range of pipe configurations (single-wall, airgap, insulated pipes etc.)

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