ODYSSEE is a powerful portfolio of modules (Lunar, Quasar and Nova). It is a unique and powerful CAE-centric innovation platform that allows users to apply modern Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) and Design Optimization to workflows.


Optimal Decision Support System for Engineering and Expertise (ODYSSEE) is an innovative platform with a rapid ROI, allowing the building of advanced skill involving industrial data analysis.


ODYSSEE includes:

  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Statistics, Data Mining, Data Fusion
  • Optimization and Robustness
  • Process Discovery
  • Image Recognition and Compression

LUNAR module

LUNAR is a new software powered by its AI engine ODYSSEE for on-board computing and design. This solution, based on fusion techniques and Model Order Reduction algorithms (ROM) is a world premiere for conducting real-time parametric crash and safety simulations.

LUNAR Potential Application:

  • Optimization, Reliability / Robustness
  • On-board computing, real time modeling
  • Crash scene real-time prediction
  • Fusion models based on combined experimental and numerical data base
  • Web-based crash/safety parametric studies
  • Population studies
  • Ergonomics (Passive, Active, Reflex, Learning)
  • Encapsulations of FE models

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