Mar 20, 2021

We are pleased to announce the signing of an distribution agreement with Paris based CADLM company for its ODYSSEE platform (data mining, prediction, scale models, optimization, artificial intelligence).

Founded in 1989, CADLM specializes in engineering, simulation, optimization and industrial reliability analysis. It has developed specific know-how in data analysis and IA, especially for the automotive, aeronautics, biomedical and civil engineering sectors. Precursor of the technologies it masters (data analysis, prediction, scale models, optimization, artificial intelligence), CADLM publishes and markets its software under the ODYSSEE platform and offers high value-added services, with a commitment to time and results. For more information on CADLM and its products, please visit

Oct 2, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Weichai Power has selected us as solution provider for next generation exhause aftertreatment system.

Weichai Power was founded in 2002 by the main sponsor, Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd. and qualified domestic and foreign investors. It is the combustion engine company listed in Hong Kong stock market, as well as the company returning to China mainland stock market.In 2019, Weichai's sale revenue reaches 174.36 billion RMB, and the net income attributable to parent reaches 9.11 billion RMB.

Oct 13, 2021

As a pioneer in implementing AI/ML/ROM technology in engineering computer aided design (CAE), CADLM, editor of ODYSSEE platform, is proud to announce the new release of ODYSSEE.Lunar (4.1.0) and the new release of ODYSSEE.Quasar (2.1). ODYSSEE.Lunar is the ODYSSEE package dedicated to Machine Learning and Reduced Order Modeling (ROM. ODYSSEE.Quasar is the AI solver of ODYSSEE while ODYSSEE.Nova (2.1) is the stand-alone optimization package.

In addition to the previous version's already available options such as DOE generation, prediction of global time responses, parametric studies, sensitivity analysis, optimization and reconstruction of the animation snapshots in real time, ODYSSEE.Lunar 4.1 now proposes an intelligent DOE generation (adaptive DOE tool, possibility to improve an existing design manually or automatically with detection of poorly sampled zones and automatic improvement). Additionally, Lunar can now manage, in a unique project, multiple output as well as optimization of multi constraints, multi-objectives, in real time. Many available Quasar scripts support our customers automation needs in order to evaluate the quality of parameters and of the DOE, and to determine the best algorithm for a given application (and per output). ODYSSEE.Lunar can predict and optimize results for any physics (crash, statics, dynamics, acoustics, fluid, mold injection or other process, thermal, acoustics, aerodynamics, multi-bodies dynamics, . Many examples are available for different applications which may also be shared with customers.